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Prabeer Petankar reviews the TK One Head headphone amplifier

To conclude, l think the TK One belongs to a selected breed of TOTL Headphone amps irrespective of topology that brings in top notch transparency and balance to the tonality, it’s very solid in terms of build and feels and looks premium.


It’s probably the most transparent and fastest OTL amp I have heard in my limited exposure.



The Elusive Cobra. Now Available!

Audio Note has rightly earned its place among luxury brands. But with an entry price of Rs. 3,95,000, the long-awaited integrated valve amplifier Cobra has also sparked curiosity among music aficionados who normally wouldn’t be able to buy equipment from the British premium brand. 


In the end, is the device perhaps even too inexpensive?


TK 211-i

Vivek Ramakrishnan reviews the Tektron TK ONE 211-i.

The Tektron 211-i opens the world of DHT SET amplification for those with medium efficiency loudspeakers and  a modest budget.

Vivek was convinced; "Play Duke Ellington's "Such Sweet Thunder", and each instrument was alive with outstanding texture. For example, the harmonies created by various wind instruments were so easy to spot, with each sounding real in its space. The players were actually in the living room. I think it’s the best I have heard this album."


We are building a brand new experience centre.

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It certainly was a very emotional experience for me to hear their breathtaking setup and Aernoud Dekker personally takes a phenomenal amount of effort to walk you through every single detail. The experience wouldn’t be the same without him."