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Music's Finest Conductor

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"If there's a better integrated amplifier in the world than the Audio Note Meishu Phono 300B Tonmeister, I haven't heard it yet",Ken Micallef

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The AX 'speaker range is back!

Rather than just make the same models again, we decided to rework the complete range.


Significant attention has been paid to better cabinet construction and finish, and the crossovers and drive units have also been improved.

We eventually decided to make the entire range in the same Austrian factory as all of our other 'speakers. As such, the build quality is superb.


Initially we will offer two real wood veneers: European Walnut and Black Ash.


The best budget amp on the market

Audio Note often takes flack for their very high priced audio components.


Nevertheless, we relish the challenge of designing products that deliver a taste of high-end performance at more wallet-friendly prices.


After all, it’s not easy to produce outstanding results within tight budget constraints, but Audio Note’s Zero System aims to do just that. It offers high-level performance at prices that are realistic.



The Elusive Cobra, now available.

Audio Note has rightly earned its place among luxury brands. The cost-effective and long-awaited Cobra integrated valve amplifier has also sparked curiosity among music aficionados who normally wouldn’t be able to buy equipment from the British premium brand. 


In the end, is the device perhaps even too inexpensive?

 “If you're someone who cares about Music, then you must experience your favourite track at Audio Notes experience room in Mumbai. It will most likely forever change your perception of music that you’ve heard a hundred times.


It certainly was a very emotional experience for me to hear their breathtaking setup and Aernoud Dekker personally takes a phenomenal amount of effort to walk you through every single detail. The experience wouldn’t be the same without him."


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