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Audio came into my life at a very young age. My father used to excuse himself frequently, only to find retreat in his listening room. On more than one occasion I joined him, as I very much enjoyed listening to music, brought to life by his Garrard 401 record player and Quad ESL loudspeakers. It was an outer worldly experience for a child.


Later in life I started to compose my own systems, and I purchased my first Audio Note instrument in 1996. 


Ever since that moment I dreamt of owning a all Audio Note UK Music System


My dream came true in 1999. After selling my Internet start-up, I was able to afford my Audio Note Level 5 heaven. Having paid more for it than the house I lived in, it was personally delivered by the ‘Padre de Familia’ of Audio Note UK, Peter Qvortrup, who has become a dear friend ever since.


The rest is history.


No other investment could have brought more joy and ecstasy, creating visceral, musical landscapes in both my room and the minds eye. My purchase was a catalyst, bringing both a high level of musicality and a visuospatial experience. 


Hero’s and Outcasts


Purchasing a Rs. 2 Crore luxury car makes you a hero. Investing the same into an audio system makes you an outcast. Such is the outcome of a world where outward moving expression is preferred over inward flowing joy.


But, I just -had- to share my experience with others. And that is why in 2002, I founded the Audio Note Auditorium in The Netherlands.

The Search for Meaning


It is the -ever unexpected- love which led me to India, culminating into a marriage with a Parsi woman destined to become the partner of my life.


Emerging in the Self, the ecstatic dance of music also caused my spiritual journey to take form. Bringing me on the path of Advaita Vedanta which deeply resonates within me. 


As an Advaitin, I find myself immersed daily in the profound teachings of the Upanishads. Clumsily trying to remove the veil of ignorance obscuring that what is only real.


The same seems to be my destiny as a householder. Uplifting Musical Consciousness, by trying to remove the veil of ignorance which seems to have saturated the realm of this market-place. 


To save music from technology, to share Musical Ecstasy and to re-create musical events, meaningful to a human listener, in ones home. 


That is what I strive to do every day. Not merely for myself, but for every seeker who has been blessed with the character, insight and luxury to do the experiment. 


Looking forward to meet you soon.

Aernoud Dekker

Audio Note India

Mumbai, 2023

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