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Vibration control devices can take the shape of the simple footers present under your equipment, to extensive dedicated audio equipment racks. The required investment in vibration control devices can be substantial.


But what is vibration control, is it relevant and if so... how to implement it?


Let's first agree that vibration control matters. Although I'm not a fan of doing any qualitative audio assessment via YouTube video, I ask you to watch the video below. 


As you can hear, vibration control matters. You can hear the difference even via YouTube.

What is happening here?


Speakers make the noise we hear in our rooms and systems. They generate sound pressure and should therefore be immune to their own vibrations, not?


Ahh, but sadly, the boxes that hold our speakers add to the melee of sound in the room.


At the same time they radiate sound waves those same boxes add time audible vibrations through the floor. As well, some would claim those same floor vibrations are reflected back up into the box to muddle the music even more. 


If you have the time to closely look at the graphs Dave Morrison shows at the end of the video, you’ll gain a better understanding of how isolation products—legit isolation products, that is—actually contribute to good sound.


Legit Isolation products?


Now...  Is there snake oil in accessories? Oh my, yes. Yet, I would encourage the person interested in good sound to wade through the bullcrap to find the truth.


The video above should convince even the biggest criticaster (if you don't hear the difference, you saved yourself some money). Now, in order to achieve these results, the trick is to find legit isolation products. To develop proper isolation products requires years of research, proper understanding of the underlying problems, and some solid engineering.


Who better to trust to do all of this then our friends from Germany?


Alto Extremo


The company Alto-Extremo was founded in 2004 in Germany. For the development of the individual products, a team of engineers is responsible. Production takes place exclusively in Germany, and they have the right to advertise “Made in Germany”.


Based on their experience a diverse range of absorbers have been developed, which we now offer in India. 


As Audio Note India, we strive to offer the best. Almost all vibration control devices available on the market do 'something', but it's not often that a product does everything right. 


We tested the devices of Alto Extreme extensively, and they work perfectly, and as advertised. Also with the Audio Note products.

What to expect?


The products of Alto-Extremo show effective improvements in detail. The improvement is audible from the first note. More involvement, emotion, precision in sound-staging, tangibility, and low frequency control. Reproducing music as naturally as possible should be the goal of every audio system, and the Alto Extremo products were clearly developed with that objective in mind.


When I placed the NeoFlex absorbers under the Audio Note CDT Three,  I could hardly believe it. Not only was the spectrum yet again truly impressive, but tiny differences in timing could be more clearly discerned than ever, which made the sound reproduction significantly more detailed and multi-layered. Similar results where present when using the recommended devices under the DAC3.1x, and the TT Three turntable.


Where to use?


The Alto Extremo products are effective under all audio equipment. However take care in selecting the correct product. A guide is shown below.


Audio Selection

While the Alto Extremo tuning devices are 'best in class', they don't fit every budget. For those who search for maximum cost effectivity, I stumbled on the products of Audio Selection from Germany. 

These devices surprised as they gave about 90% of the performance of Alto Extremo at a fraction of the price. The proprietary Sorbothane type of material used in all the products provide very satisfactory results indeed.

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