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Simple details for pure music.


The AN-J models offer higher sensitivity and better bass performance, combined with a more dynamic presentation than the AN-K, in an enclosure that is about three times the volume. The AN-J is a ported enclosure with an efficiency better than 93 dB/m and bass that goes down to 25 Hz at -6 dB.

The AN-J is capable of reproducing the scale and intensity of most well-recorded music very realistically.


Like all our other loudspeakers, the AN-J undergoes the same painstaking driver selection and matching process, which ensures the closest tolerances within a pair in the entire audio industry.


This is one of the tiny handful, if that many, of speakers designed for SE triode amps. The issue is flat impedance and not just efficiency. Horns (compression drivers) have very peaky impedance which results in aggressiveness on those peaks. So many compression driver horns despite very high sensitivity need a higher damping factor than triode amps present.


The AN speakers are very flat in their impedance which is why they work so well with a se amp. They have the unrestrained dynamics good triode amps are capable of producing as a result. They also have a really wide open midrange given the very conventional looks of the speakers. Surprisingly powerful and very tuneful bass too. You hear the character of bass notes. But their real benefit is true compatibility with good triode amps. Then the lack of electronic artificiality of this kind of amp really comes through.


This is a speaker tailored to the amps, rather than the usual hi-end speaker design brief which assumes that the amp has an infinitely great damping factor and limitless current. In this sense they are real world speakers for triodes. They are not perfect, but since you can mate them with the inherently superior sonics of triodes the overall result is a musicality you cannot get elsewhere.

You'll be enjoying music for once and not lamenting that high-end audio is a boring, rewardless hobby. And oh yes they do soundstage very well with good amps. Even instruments and voices panned hard left or right sound like they are coming from behind and around the speakers, and allow you the full pleasures of triode amps to shine so in this sense they are really great speakers.






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