Audio Note levelled it’s latest salvo at the mainstream audio industry...


...during this year’s Salon Audio Montreal by launching Audio Note Music. The first album from the new label is Pure Cello, a 2×45 rpm LP, and CD by noted Canadian cellist Vincent Bélanger. The LP was recorded in a chapel on the grounds of the Pomfret School in Pomfret, Connecticut which is renowned for its acoustics, and signifies our intention to continue to go against industry norms. Part of the idea behind the label, and Bélanger’s choice of material for the album was to “try, and bring music to people that they wouldn’t otherwise get an opportunity to hear… We think also what it does is help level the playing field against the record industry.”


Major record labels are only interested in market share, and lack the imagination to produce truly diverse content that could steer the market away from a pack mentality. We feel music is universal, and that regardless of what language you speak, it is capable of creating a shared visceral, emotional experience. 

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