The AX loudspeakers are part of Audio Note (UK)’s entry level “ZERO” series of products.  


The AX speakers have been selling for nearly 15 years and it’s a speaker that flies well under people’s radar.  In our view that needs to change because it may very well be one of the best loudspeakers available at the price. 


The AX speakers are such a terrific music reproducer and so well balanced that it deserves wider attention.  The AX speakers where designed by Andy Whittle (of Rogers LS-3/5a and Celestion fame) for Audio Note (UK). 


So dear LS-3/5a reader that should be enough to pique your interest, especially since it sounds better than all of the LS-3/5a loudspeakers and variations I’ve heard, some of which cost significantly more.  This is a serious loudspeaker that is entry level in price only.

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