The Indian market is starting to saturate with entry level turntables. Unfortunately, most of them are hardly capable of revealing the beauty of that what vinyl reproduction can bring.


However you slice or dice it, you cannot expect a Rs. 30,000 turntable to reveal what is hidden in the grooves of a record. The lack of a counterweight or anti-skate, build in speakers or phono amplifiers, a USB output, undersized platters, wrong sized styli are all real dangers for your records or ears.


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Audio Note offers world's finest turntables, and as we do believe the best performance is only offered when using a suspended / high-torque design, utilising the finest materials for plinth, platter, arm and wiring... our entry into the world of analogue reproduction doesn't come cheap.


Audio Note India wants to close the gap between entry level turntables, and world's finest. And... after a long search we found the perfect solution.


Introducing the Audio Note India / Takumi Level 2.1