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For a manufacturer to squeeze money from the stone that is your CD-player budget,


his products would have to be both exceptional and affordable. That last goal, especially, is one most designers try to reach by adopting ever-new technologies: new digital-to-analog converters, new filters, new numbers. But there remain a handful of manufacturers who would win the numbers game by not playing it at all, Audio Note among them.


Not that we are against progress per se, but as far as their digital playback gear is concerned, ours is a decidedly different approach.


Our digital credo might best be summed up as: The key to making products that sound more analog is not to be found in the world of digital. Or, putting it another way: Don't bring a chip to a transformer fight.

Our series of integrated CD Players are an embodiment of this policy. We combine in them technology from our reperate CD Transports and DA Converters to obtain a more cost effective package.

Be that as it may, you will be presented with something that usually goes missing in CD playback: the sort of presence—the sonic flesh and blood—that one seldom gets from the medium. Voices and instruments are represented with substance, color, and texture. Vocal cords will vibrate with real human warmth, pianos purred, cymbals sizzled, and string instruments comprising thin pieces of lightly varnished wood, whether bowed or plucked, resonated in a manner exactly like that of string instruments comprising thin pieces of lightly varnished wood.






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