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The Audio Note veneer book

The Audio Note K, J and E series speakers come with large selection of real hardwood veneers and lacquer finished speakers to choose form in order to match your listening environment. Next to our veneers we offer solid colours. Colours include Midnight Blue, Pearl White, Burgundy, British Racing Green, Piano Black and others. We can finish speakers in custom colours however the cost can be considerable - please consult us.

Also available is a special 'slate' finish, which gives the appearance of solid rock. As no photo can do justify to this great finish, please bear in mind that the pictures below is only a gross approximation of the real thing.

Please note the each veneer is different and distinct, no two are the same and colours may also vary from tree to tree. All Audio Note cabinets are 'book matched' so that both speakers are a mirror image of each other. 

Please click on the images below to magnify (this may take a while).

Slate Finish

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