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Audio Note electronics may be the key to the Audio Note sound.


You could say there are two lines of sight in audio amplification. One route combines high power amplifiers with low efficiency loudspeakers. Our way is different. We create low power amps to be used with high efficiency loudspeakers. The result is a truly startling level of naturalness, detail, and ease, something not found in audio equipment today.


Our range of integrated amplifiers starts with the OTO Push Pull or Single-ended, EL 84 based, integrated amps. Available with or without phono stage. The best amplifier value in the Audio Note line. The OTO is satisfyingly full, dynamic, and clear, sounding and wonderfully informative through the midrange. 

THE SORO, 6L6G tube based integrated amplifiers come with a more robust and fuller presentation than the OTO.

Meishu, Meishu Silver, Meishu Silver Signature, 9 watt SET, 300B based integrated amplifiers. Available with or without phono stage. This is the best way to bring 300B tubes into your system if you’re a prudent rather than self-indulgent audiophile. Naturally, warm, and full sounding, it can be upgraded with NOS tubes to take it pretty much any direction you like.

Those who seek even more refinment and sheer power can enter the TOMEI or  JINRO which share the same circuit design as the legendary ONGAKU. The overall sound if the JINRO is very subtly sweet, with a midrange that is a bit soft—timbrally, but not temporally—with an abundance of that often-noted-yet-never-explained "SET sound" that allows solo voices and instruments to stand musically and spatially proud of the rest of the mix. The JINRO plays melodies with unsurpassed flow and momentum. 


The TOMEI bridges the gap between the JINRO and the ONGAKU. Utilising a combination of both copper and silver for the transformers, its performance is both unique and beguiling.

Ah yes, the legendary Audio Note Ongaku... Many audiophiles around the world, rightly, consider it one of the 'Holy Grails' of audio... and for good reason! Here is the legend of handcraftsmanship, many pounds of hand wound silver transformers and a generous sprinkling of exotic parts all wrapped into a single chassis. Taking nearly 100 hours each to produce by highly skilled personnel with many years of experience. 

The result is an amplifier which presents more than just tonality or the harmonic structure; it is the weight, complexity and gestalt of aurally having the instrument within your listening room. There is simply no other way to put it and 1000 more words would not tell you more than that. If you desire true realism, then here it is. 






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