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Audio Note interconnect can compound the virtues of AN systems.


All our Interconnect cables are available as stereo pairs or as a coaxial version for use as digital SPDIF interconnect. The Lexus-50 and Sogon cables are also available as USB A to USB B cable. All cables are handmade to order at your desired length with multiples of 25cm, and can be terminated either with Audio Note RCA or XLR Plugs.


The modestly priced copper Lexus is excellent in a modest system, offering a naturally warm, detailed, and full presentation.


When you get to AN-Vx, the interconnect game begins to change: everything begins to open up without any loss of the Lexus solidity or smoothness. With speaker cable, in most cases you have to get all the way to SPx before things get noticeably better than Lexus. Sogon interconnects, with twice as many strands of silver as Vx, is simply astonishing in its clarity and sweetness. And the Sootto, with twice as many strands as Sogon (!) can take your breath away. Big, hugely present, and still beautiful. It clearly crosses a line into territory where adjectives flail. Sogon speaker cable, prohibitively expensive for most unless you bi-wire by splitting the 96 strands cables to 48, is the finest speaker cable in the line, by far.

The strategy, unless you’re rich, is to put the best cable you can afford at the head of the system chain, say between a digital transport and dac or between a CDP and amp: that way its advantages get passed along. Even putting a single run of Sogon, or better yet, the new Pallas, between the transport and dac in a system with all Lexus delivers a dramatic improvement.

Upgrading from Vx to Sogon to Sootto interconnects is like opening sonic doors. At each step we feel we are hearing it all and then suddenly, in each case, there is more. More instrumental and spatial detail, more pure physicality and presence, more beauty, and more shear excitement. This is directly attributable to the near doubling of strands of silver, the doubling of channels through which musical information can travel:  it is as if twice as much on a recording is being unleashed. We can’t tell you now exhilarating it is to hear more of a cello than you’ve been accustomed to thinking there is: the prodigious sound of its physicality accompanied by the stunning beauty of true timbre. This is what this whole enterprise we are involved in truly is.

With Audio Note cable, every step of the progression is a revelation, so there is no need to complete the journey through the last door. But we promise you there is no other way to get all that Audio Note can offer.. If all of the musical information can’t get into your system, it ain’t going to come out!