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Audio Note offer an extensive range of loudspeaker cables.


From the low cost copper internal speaker wire to the exotic pure silver cables like the Sogon 96.


Lexus XL speaker cable. Way better sounding than it has any right to be. A great cable value. An all-copper wire but built with the same architecture as Sogon, so it offers the classic warmth with detail.

AN-SPe speaker cable, pure silver litz conductor is comparable to an interconnect halfway between AN-V and AN-Vx: a great sounding cable that will satisfy most audiophiles. Ideal for K/SPe’s, J/SPe’s, and E/SPe’s.

AN-SPx speaker cable, weightier sounding overall and more brilliant in the upper midrange. 

SOGON LX 96 speaker cable. 99.99 pure silver conductor, now 96 strands. Probably the best there is and single cables can be split rather than doubled for biwiring, resulting in 48 strands, close to what Sogon was for years. Even in that configuration, it is gorgeous.

So do judge for yourself, when you audition a product, whether ours or some one else’s.

As always buy what you like, but always bear in mind that Audio Note products are designed to be used within a carefully designed and voiced system. To inform and aid your choice we grade our products according to levels (see “The Audio Note Performance Level System”).


The better products are capable of performing the more they will yield when set up with know how and care, this applies to audio, cars and pretty much everything else in life!


In our products, we use silver where we know it makes the most difference to the sound, which within an effective design philosophy maximises the quality to price relationship considerably. We are constantly learning how to improve the application of this and our latest research has revealed that even silver plated parts (provided the plating is thick enough) can compete with solid silver versions sonically.


Having pure copper or brass as a base material has the added advantage that it does not break so easily, pure silver is both soft and brittle, so to this end we have introduced silver plated sockets and connectors across our entire product range, there are places where it is impossible at the moment to use these sockets, so we stay with the gold plated versions.


But future product development and production engineering will take this into consideration.








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