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Since we introduced the original M3 pre-amplifier in 1996...


The M3 and its derivatives have proved quite a success, year on year they have consistently won “Pre-Amplifier of the Year” by Hi-Fi Review in Hong Kong starting in 2001 and pretty much every year since then.


The M pre-amplifier family were technically the most advanced (and strangely enough, at the same time quite backward looking) line of high quality pre-amplifier available, with its dual mono double choke valve rectified power supplies, optimised output transformers and powerful high gain line stage, it will remain the standard in pre-amplifier topology for years to come and as a result is already widely copied, but our quest for improvement does not stand still, and when our research and development reached its current pinnacle with the patented M10 Galahad power supply, we decided that it was time to seek to improve the M3 – M8 pre-amplifier’s power supply in line with what we had learned from developing the M10, so in very late 2003 the “Mini”-Galahad supply was born and implemented into the M3 - M8 pre-amplifiers and development work on the M9 started.

Being major record collectors, we have always felt the need for a top flight phono-stages, focussed on getting the absolutely best from the LP, whether mono or stereo. All our pre-amps are available as 'Phono' version designed as a proper record collector’s control centre and feature a stereo – mono switch and the most direct and cleanest signal path possible, with no tape input or loop. They are really designed to maximise the quality of all LPs made with the RIAA curve, whether mono or stereo. 







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