Arm Three
  • Arm Three

    For these arms we took particular attention being paid to the relationship between the bearing structures and armtube.


    Extensive listening trials established that industry standard ball race bearings are not considered 100% optimum for effective music reproduction. Similarly it was found that typical uni-pivots are also compromised. Uni-pivots whilst possessing a pleasing musical fluidity can lack performance at the frequency extremes, particularly in the bass region. Arm tube material and assembly were also found to be critical factors.


    The new ARM series design has no ball race bearings. The horizontal bearing uses a trapezoidal, captured ball, bearing whilst the vertical bearing takes the form of a restrained, inverted, uni-pivot. This vertical bearing is a unique feature, which contributes largely to the final, overall sound of the tonearm. The bearing exhibits a slight ‘looseness’ when handling however under dynamic conditions (playing a record) the bearing stabilises. 


    This characteristic gives rise to the description ‘Dynamic Stabilised Bearing’ or DSB. Unlike some cast or machined arms the Audio Note arm is a true single piece design, including the section behind the bearing that carries the counterweight. Machined from a billet of