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ANI ALL IN ONE On-Site Audiophile Streaming Setup

ANI ALL IN ONE On-Site Audiophile Streaming Setup

Purchase this package, and I will personally install the finest streaming solution available in India, at your place for your system.


This package includes:


  • Limetree Bridge
  • 1 Year ROON subscription
  • 1 year Qobuz subscription
  • Mikrotik router/switch
  • 2 x SoTM LAN Isolator
  • CAT 7 Ethernet cabling
  • Audio Note AN-S Digital interlink (or USB cable)
  • Connection, setup and configuraton of all hardware and software
  • Connection, setup and configuration of WAN/LAN/WLAN
  • Travel to you premesis and lodging expenses


At the end of the setup you will have access to over 170.000 music albums, available to you in a very convinient way, with audiophile quality. Next to this you can access music via connected harddisk / NAS, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and many other alternatives.


There is only one pre-condition. A high-speed (Minimum 50Mbps) wired Internet connection needs to be present in the same room as the setup.

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