AX Speaker Stands
  • AX Speaker Stands

    Altough small speakers are often called 'bookshelf speakers', normally a bookshelf is the worst placte for (any) speaker to be positioned.


    For optimal tonal balance, the AX loudpeakers should be used on its specificlly designed stand, for best results. This spiked high-mass stand that can hold the speaker so firmly that even if the top of the speaker is pushed, it will not move at all. 


    The speakers should be coupled to the stand by placing four pea-sized balls of Blu Tack on the stand’s top and pushing the speaker down onto these so that they are flattened. (We have included some of this Blu Tack with the instructions and warranty card.)


    For optimum results, the stands should be filled with a mix of (bird) sand and fine lead shot. Also stainless steel sandblasting grit can give good results.


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