Bruch & Lalo

Bruch : Violin Concerto No.1 in G minor, Op.26

Lalo : Symphonie espagnole, Op.21

Christian Ferras, Walter Susskind conducting the Philharmonia Orchestra

Testament 1488

Testament Records : LP 180 gram

Brand New and Sealed Record

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    Max Bruch (1838 – 1920) :
    A - Violin Concerto No.1 in G minor, Op.26
    Edouard Lalo (1823 – 1892) :
    B - Symphonie espagnole, Op.21

    Recorded in 1958 at Kingsway Hall, London. 

    Max Bruch and Edouard Lalo certainly belong to the "little masters" of the nineteenth century, but both have their distinct traces in the history of the violin concertos : Max Bruch's 1st violin concerto in G major is today one of the most widely performed works of the genre at all (As well as the violin concerto by Johannes Brahms, dedicated to the violinist Joseph Joachim), and Edouard Lalos "Symphonie Espagnole", although the title is not a violin concerto in the true sense, Is always fascinated by her perfectly arranged interplays of virtuoso solo passages and the orchestra orchestrated with Spanish orchestral color. The "Symphonie Espagnole" was composed for the contemporary Joachim, Pablo de Sarasate. The virtuosic dedicatee of both works is represented on this recording from 1958, no less skillful Christian Ferras (1933 - 1982) on the violin - by Christian Ferras, whose life with his suicide with only 49 years a tragic end took, not many recordings remained - this belongs here The most beautiful, and thanks to the selection of the works to the most entertaining.

    The "golden age" of recordings was from 1955 to 1965, at the beginning of the LP and the stereo era, where pure vacuum tube amplification helped produce recordings demonstrating unparalleled fidelity and warmth, lifelike presence and illumination.

    This Testament Records LP, revived from the EMI-Columbia catalogue, was remastered at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London, using pure analogue components only, from the original studio tapes through to the cutting head, and was pressed at Pallas.

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