CD 5.1x
  • CD 5.1x

    The CD5.1x is the latest in our line of one-box integrated Red Book CD players. We started with the concept of combining elements of our CDT-Three transport and DAC3.1x/II Balanced DAC with a careful selection of improved components. The final machine became significantly more than that...


    This stand alone Red Book CD player is, to put it mildly, astonishingly good. The finest one-box CD player. Ever.

    • FACTS

      Optical pick-up: 


      3 beam laser

      Semi-conductor laser:


      780 nm

      Power source: 


      AC 100-120V/220-240V 50/60 Hz

      Output impedance :


      Less that 2 kohm (approx.)

      Reference output :


       3.0V RMS

      Channel balance: 


      Less that 0.25dB 



      220/240V - 800 mA Anti-surge 

      100/120V - 800 mA Anti-surge

      (incl. connectors) :

      446 (W) x 142 (H) x 428 (D) mm 



      17 kg

      Max power consumption:


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