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CD Zero Integrated CD-Player
  • CD Zero Integrated CD-Player

    The unique approach of Audio Note to digital is already present in our entry level CD player. Featuring a in-house custom modified Philips front loading CD mechanism and our 1 x oversampling Direct from Disc technology which refrains from any digital filters to preserve the musical content.


    The analogue signal is fed to a valve output stage utilising a 6111WA dual triode, while the power supply is equipped with 2 mains transformers.

    • Technical Specifications

      Optical pick-up

      3 beam laser

      Semi-conductor laser 

      780 nm

      Output Impedance


      Less that 2 kohm 

      Reference output 

      3.0V RMS (approx.)l

      Channel balance 

      Less that 0.25dB 


      220/240V - 800 mA Anti-surge 100/120V - 800 mA Anti-surge 

      (incl. connectors) 

      300 (W) x 98 (H) x 270 (D) mm 


      3.5 kg 

      Max power consumption 


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