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CDT Five
  • CDT Five

    Audio Note is highly critical of the digital medium as presented by compact disc; we sincerely hope that you too will find this transport breaks free from the 'digital mould' that we are all so accustomed to, and so open a new window on your CD collection.


    The top of the range Audio Transport, the CDT Five features a valve digital output stage with vale-rectified power supply and a custom designed and built digital output transformer. 


    The unit is constructed around a 22kg aluminium chassis and the transport mechanism is a modified Phillips CD Pro2LF, in turn mounted on its own sprung sub-chassis for maximum mechanical isolation.


    All the internal wiring uses silver cable and Blackgate capacitors are employed throughout. Internal digital signal wiring is executed in Audio Note PALLAS cable.


    An ultimate transport, the CDT-Five is available with a face plate in either brushed aluminium or polished black acrylic to match other products in the Audio Note UK range.


    • FACTS


      1 single-ended S/PDIF (RCA), 1 AES/EBU (XLR)


      Optical pick-up

      3 beam laser

      Semi Conductor Laser


      Dimensions (mm)

      445 (W) x 142 (H) x 428(D)


      22 kg

      Color Options

      Brushed Aluminium

      Black Acrylic

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