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    Say hello to our latest integrated amplifier, COBRA. Now availble for demo!


    This is a real beauty... Outperforming (obliterating) everything in its (price) class. With buld in non-oversampling R/2R DAC and remote control.

    Specifications: -

    2 x 28W push-pull Class A
    Double C-core output transformers
    Choke power supply
    3 analogue inputs
    Onboard DAC with 3 digital inputs: -
    COAX, Optical TOSLINK, USB 
    D/A converter: Philips TDA1543
    Remote control for inputs, volume and mute 
    Valve complement: 4 x EL34, 2 x 6AU6, 2 x 5670
    Dimensions WxHxD: 340 x 199 x 451 mm incl. valves, knobs and connectors

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