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CD 1.1x
  • CD 1.1x

    The CD 1.1x is a true classic from the Audio Note UK range of digital products and a highly accomplished player. The 1.1x uses a straightforward, yet revealing and very musical 1543, 16-bit digital to analogue converter chip. True to normal Audio Note practice, the configuration is non-filtering and non-oversampling. 


    The player features a 6111WA valve miniature double triode output stage, with each part of the valve running one audio channel. Construction is of high quality, with Beyschlag resistors and foil output capacitors.


    Both front controls and remote. Housed in a new full-width chassis, which is not as high or deep as the standard DAC chassis. This highly musical player is available with a face plate in either brushed aluminium or polished black acrylic to match other products in the Audio Note UK range.

    • FACTS

      Optical pick-up: 


      3 beam laser

      Semi-conductor laser:


      780 nm

      Power source: 


      AC 100-120V/220-240V 50/60 Hz

      Output impedance :


      Less that 2 kohm (approx.)

      Reference output :


       3.0V RMS

      Channel balance: 


      Less that 0.25dB


      220/240V - 800 mA Anti-surge 

      100/120V - 800 mA Anti-surge

      (incl. connectors) :

      446 (W) x 96 (H) x 270 (D) mm 



      5 kg 


      Max power consumption:


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