Dvorak: Symphony No. 8

Dvorak: Symphony No. 8

Dvořák wrote his Eighth Symphony during 1889 at Vysoká, where he had a small country house. He conducted the first performance in Prague in February 1890 and introduced it to London, a city in which he enjoyed immense popularity, two months later. The symphony was published in London and for a time was known as the “English Symphony”, although its Czech origins are apparent in every bar. Notwithstanding the immense achievement of the Seventh Symphony in D minor, Dvořák determined that its successor would be different from the others, »with individual thoughts worked out in a new way«. Where it differs is in the rather experimental formal structure of the first and last movements; in contrast to the Seventh, composed in a classical mould, they have a rhapsodic, improvisatory character. But the work’s melodic fecundity is such that the listener is happy to be swept along by an irresistible flow of tunes, scored with exceptional colour and brilliance.

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