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M9 Phono (Signature)
  • M9 Phono (Signature)

    The Audio Note (UK) M9 Pre Amplifier is without doubt or question, the finest Phonostage equipped preamplifier we have ever produced, and the Line Stage is only surpassed in performance by our own M10 Line. As one would expect, no expense has been spared in the construction of the circuit or the components used, and is a full Audio Note (UK) Level 5 product. 


    It is well known that the accurate reproduction of music, not just sound, requires the purity of the incoming signal to be preserved. It is therefore not difficult to conclude that, in order to achieve this goal and to retain the musicality of the original performance, the complexity of the circuitry itself must be kept to a minimum. In response to this, the M9 preamplifier uses a single-ended, zero feedback circuit topology. This is simply the most linear design possible, demanding pure Class A valve operation and removing the need for a phase splitter, which introduces unnecessary crossover distortion. 


    In contrast to the majority of the audio industry, we design our circuits with the aim of minimising non-harmonic and time base anomalies, rather than producing vanishingly small harmonic or low intermodulation distortion measurements. These non-harmonic amplitude and time base distortions have a highly perceptible and adverse affect on the signal waveform, and it is far more important to address these factors than participate in the increasingly irrelevant numbers game that chases „perfect measured response‟. 


    As a result, the M9 was designed for maximum linearity and minimum transient distortion, and avoids the need for detrimental „corrective‟ measures, such as inherently error-prone feedback loops. 


    The phonostage installed in the M9 is without equal or parallel, and uses the finest possible components to produce a sound quality that is truly outstanding. 


    Unlike the majority of preamplifiers available today, the M9 Phono preamplifier is equipped with a „Stereo / Mono‟ switch, to maximise the performance and enjoyment of the large quantity of high quality mono recordings that are still available. 


    The M9 features a pair of correctly engineered balanced / XLR inputs for sources with suitable balanced outputs. Each input is connected directly to an in-house custom designed and produced, silver wired input transformer, which offers the finest possible input for your XLR Line level source outputs. 


    Each stage of the preamplifier is powered by an independent power supply, housed in a separate chassis chassis. As one would expect, the output transformers for the M9 are some of the finest possible examples we can produce. Each transformer is fully silver wound, and feature our own 55% nickel iron C-Cores.

    • FACTS

      M9 Phono



      100k Ohms Line Level 47K Ohms Phono


      126mV for 1V Output, Lone Level

      GAIN at 1KHz

      18dB Line Level 63dB Phono


      <10 Ohms


      <0.08mV unweighted, Line Level <15mV unweighted, Phono


      1 x 6463 1 x 6189 1 x EF80 1 x E80CC 2 x 6X5 2 x 5651 2 x ECL82


      1A anti-surge (110 / 120V supply) 500mA anti-surge (220 / 240V supply)


      81 Watts


      30 KG (two units)


      40 KG (two cartons)


      140mm (h) x 440mm (w) x 410mm (d) 140mm (h) x 440mm (w) x 410mm (d)


      235mm (h) x 540mm (w) x 510mm (d)

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