Pallas Low Capacitance and Digital Interconnects


Being of litz construction, our interconnects have a higher capacitance than some. This is not an issue in most circumstances, however, between the high impedance secondary of our moving coil transformers (100k Ohm) and the pre-amplifier input, the cable needs to have high transfer ability but with low capacitance. The same is true between CD-Transport and DA-Converter.


So over the past few years we have worked on a low capacitance addition to our cable range. Dubbed 'Pallas' after the comet that gave name to the metal Palladium, it is a pure silver foil design which has a fine Palladium plating, an air dielectric within a Teflon tube which is then encased in silk, and finally covered with a protective, braided sheath.


It is available without a screen terminated with AN-P silver plated RCA plugs or screened with XLR plugs.


As it is incredibly time consuming to manufacture and completely hand constructed, availability is somewhat limited! 

  • General Notes

    • All Audio Note interconnects are designed for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss over the audio band, we regard these the most important factors.

    • All Audio Note interconnects are equally at home in both the analogue and the digital domain, and excellent results can be expected in both areas.

    • Termination of all interconnects can be done either with RCA plugs, of which we offer either the standard AN-GP-AG plugs, or the high-end AN-P Plugs (see below).

    • Terminations with XLR, LEMO, Fischer, BNC or any other plug are available to special order, please specify.

    • Termination of cables is always listed as a separate item on your offer and invoice, depending on your choice/advise of your dealer. 

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