Sibelius : Violin Concerto

Tossy Spivakovsky with Tauno Hannikainen conducting The London Symphony Orchestra

Everest 3045

Analogue Productions - Quality Records : 2 LPs 200 gram (45 rpm)

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    Jean Sibelius (1865 - 1957) :
    Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D minor, Op. 47
    Tapiola, Tone Poem, Op.112

    Jean Sibelius composed his  Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47 in 1904, revised in 1905. "The violin had got me completely under its spell; for ten years it was my greatest wish to become a great violin virtuoso …", confessed Finland’s national composer Jean Sibelius in later years. Although he began a career as a violin virtuoso too late, as a composer he profited enormously from his intimate knowledge of the instrument and the possibilities it offered. This is particularly apparent in his Violin Concerto with its wonderful synthesis of virtuosic expression and technical bravura, its classical symphonic form, its outward effects and inner substance. This late-romantic, brilliantly coloured work is certainly one of the most rewarding for every soloist.

    The recording is another Bert Whyte sonic triumph on 35MM film. In addition to the concerto, Whyte and team recorded Sibelius' last tone poem, Tapiola, referred to by many as a consummate masterpiece written with extraordinary simplicity and directness.

    Among Classic Records' highlight accomplishments — before the label sold in 2010 to Acoustic Sounds — was unlocking the audio majesty of the Everest 35mm magnetic film recordings on a groundbreaking reissue series. Now, return with us, as Classic Records by Analogue Productions returns this vintage audiophile collection to its rightful glory. Everest LPs through the early 1960s were recorded on 3-channel 35mm magnetic film recording equipment. 35mm magnetic film yielded greater fidelity and less noise than standard 1/4" recording tape. The Westrex Corporation built special equipment to Everest's specifications to accomplish these advantages.

    Fast forward to today : Classic Records by Analogue Productions is resurrecting this collection through an initial 10-title reissue series. Bernie Grundman cut the Classic Records reissues at both 33 and 45 RPM — the 45 RPM versions have never been reissued!

    Quality Record Pressings 200-gram flat profile LPs — These records are pressed with a flat-edge, no groove-guard flat profile, like the originals. The flat edge refers to the absence of a raised, beaded lip on the outer edge of the record, providing a flat playing surface - and no incline — on your turntable.

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