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LP Music System
  • LP Music System

    For the Audiophile Starter


    The System

    This system is composed especially for those who prefer to replay music from LP, which remains one of the finest sources of music on earth.


    Consisting of the 9 watts per channel IZero integrated amplifier, the TT One turntable, the Arm One tonearm, the IQ One cartridge, the RZero RIAA pre-amlifier, a pair of AX Two loudspeakers and Audio Note cabling, this music system not only offers performance unrivalled at this price-point, but the elegant looks and superb build quality one would expect from Audio Note. 


    IZero Integrated Tube Amplifier

    For the new Zero range, we decided to design an integrated amplifier rather than a pre / power combination. The result is the IZero, and it has exceeded all of our expectations.


    Offering a level of performance that was previously considered unthinkable for an amplifier of such diminutive size and price, the IZero really is something very special, producing a bold, rich, smooth and delicate performance, whilst offering a level of fine detail finesse that is quite incredible.


    Internally it features a level of component quality that is unmatched at this price point, including our own Audio Note (UK) custom designed and manufactured output transformers. 


    TT One Turntable

    Audio Note is best known for its extensive range of valve amplifiers and digital products, but it has been producing turntables and vinyl accessories for many years. 


    The TT One is a full plinth-type design with a three point suspended chassis placed within it. Parts of this basic design date back a very long way and the TT One could be regarded as a heavily evolved Dunlop Systemdek in some regards.


    The Audio Note TT One platter and sub-platter are individually machined from a single block of acrylic. The platter has a label-sized recess on its top to accommodate the record’s label and a wider recess on the bottom, providing clearance for the pulley system. One of the reasons that acrylic is used is that it has some similar properties to vinyl itself so that when a record is placed on top of it, it acts like a mechanical extension of the record. Therefore, with this kind of platter, no mat should be used.


    Audio Note turntables simply and consistently allow you to get past the equipment and on to the more important task of listening to music. This is simply why they are held with such high regard by music lovers worldwide.


    Arm One tonearm

    When Audio Note decided to develop its new range of budget to mid-priced tone arms to replace the highly-regarded original versions, expectations among both audio enthusiasts and people in the industry were high. 


    The design truly push the boundaries of sonic performance, quality and engineering precision. All the arms are individually manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Austria and every component part is custom designed and produced in-house to ensure true consistency of quality. 


    The Audio Note Arm One might be the entry-level model in Audio Note UK’s range of tone arms, but its sonic performance and build quality belie its relatively modest price. The Arm One has high-purity copper internal wiring and is supplied with an Audio Note AN-A copper-wired external connecting cable.


    IQ One phono cartridge

    The Audio Note IQ cartridges are some of the finest moving magnet designs currently available. A refinement of the established moving magnet principle, they offer an excellent combination of exceptional tracking ability, dynamic range and longevity, thanks to the extremely high quality components used for their construction. Each model employs a highly rigid PocanT body shell, equipped with integral threaded inserts for easy installation in the tone arm head-shell.


    The coils in all of the IQ cartridges are made from high purity, ‘four nines’ copper wire that is of an incredibly small diameter. The suspension of the IQ One is stiffer than usually found in a Moving Magnet cartridge, and uses a cantilever formed from a specially hardened aluminium tube. Careful attention is paid to the mechanical assembly of the generator, and for the stylus diamond, we chose the highly regarded Gyger Type II.


    RZero RIAA pre-amplfier

    The R Zero/II represents a new level in affordable yet high quality analogue reproduction. Never before has a phonostage offered this level of sonic performance, innovative design and component quality at such an affordable price.


    Sharing the same physical footprint as the rest of our new Zero range, it packs an incredible punch in its diminutive enclosure. Internally, it features a pair of 6112WA miniature dual triodes.


    AX Two Loudspeakers

    The AX Two is a compact ‘book shelf’ design, using two drive units per cabinet to cover a very wide frequency response, given its modest dimensions.
    Unlike many ‘book shelf’ designs, the AX Two is relatively efficient and offers the amplifier an easy ‘load’, making it highly suitable for our range of superior quality, low powered valve amplifiers. 


    Read a complete review of the AX Two loudspeakers here.


    This special offer comes with a set of the Audio Note AN-A interconnect cables and 2 x 2 meter of AN-D speaker cable worth Rs. 22.000. The cables are made out of 99.9999% pure Audio Note copper, and offer superiour performance when compared to similar (of higher) priced cables.


    We feel that this Audio Note’s Zero system is a great advertisement for the benefits of partnering a good low-powered amp with sensitive loudspeakers. It’s a winning combination of cohesiveness and integration; brilliance and detail; dynamics and attack. With each individual component being very well matched, the overall result is superb and, as we’ve already indicated, as separates they need no excuses making for them.


    Read a review of a complete Zero system here.


    Available with either glossy white, brushed aluminium facias or the classic black acrylic. 

    • Specifications iZero

      Power source

      AC 100-120V/220-240V 50/60 Hz 


      220/240V – 1A Anti-surge

      100/120V – 2A Anti-surge

      Input impedance

      100k Ohm

      Input sensitivity

      400mV for full output

      Maximum output

      8W RMS per channel into 6 ohms load 

      Channel balance


      Valve compliment

      4 x ECL82

      Max power consumption: 



      (incl. knobs and connectors) 

      300 (W) x 96 (H) x 310 (D) mm

      (incl. knobs and connectors) 



    • Specifications AX Two

      Characteristic Impedance

      6 Ohms


      90dB for 1 Watt at 1 meter

      Frequency response 

      55Hz to 20Khz, +/- 6dB in room

      Mimumum amplifier power

      7 Watts RMS per channel

      Maximum amplifier power

      100 Watts (unclipped) RMS per channel Peak 

      Driver compliment

      6” Paper Cone, foam surround bass driver 3⁄4” dome, silk / polyamide tweeter 

      Unit weight

      7 KG

      Shipping weight (original packaging)

      16 KG (per pair) 

      Unit dimensions 

      380mm (h) x 230mm (w) x 230mm (d) per loudspeaker, including grille 

      Shipping dimensions

      450mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 530mm (d) 2 loudspeakers packed together 

    • Specifications Arm One


      Rega Single Hole

      Effective length


      Pivot to spindle




      Offset angle

      21.6 degrees

      Horizontal bearing

      trapezoidal, captured ball

      Vertical bearing

      restrained, inverted, unipivot




      264g (small)

      194g (large)

    • Specifications IQ 1

      Internal Inductance


      Frequency response

      20Hz to 20KHz, +/- 2dB

      Cartridge weight


      Fixing centres

      12.7mm / 0.5”

      Tracking force/weight

      1.5g – 2.5g (1.75g nominal)

      Channel balance

      2dB @ 1KHz

      Channel seperation

      25dB @ 1KHz


      6.5mV +/- 1.5dB 

      1KHz @5cm/sec


      Gyger Type II

      Equivilent tip mass


      Vertical tracking angle

      24 degrees


    • Specifications RZero

      Power source 

      AC 100-120V/220-240V 50/60 Hz 

      Tube compliment

       2 x 6112WA


      220/240V – 800 mA Anti-surge

      100/120V – 800 mA Anti-surge

      (incl. connectors) 


      300 (W) x 96 (H) x 270 (D) mm



      Max power consumption 



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