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Swara – Headphone Amplifier
  • Swara – Headphone Amplifier

    Headphones provide a very unique aural experience and in modern time, it has become one of the most important personal audio solution.  Acoustic’s portrait Swara Headphone amplifier would enable audiophiles to use their headphones to its fullest potential. We recommend to use the amplifier with high quality source such as the Swara M2rPi DAC.


    The Swara Headphone Amplifier is built using the finest grade of components and a high capacity power supply. The design and build quality ensures the amplifier is capable of supporting the most difficult headphones to drive. The sonics of this amplifier is very typical of Acoustic Portrait – a neutral sound that is highly detailed, yet very soothing to the ears.


      Weight 2 kg
      Dimensions 19.8 × 20.5 × 7.4 cm

      >110 dB (A weighted, 20Hz – 20kHz)


      <0.001% @ 1kHz




      32Ω to 600Ω Impedance


      Balanced & Single Ended Inputs, Single Ended


      17.3" (W) x 17.5" (D) x 5.5" (H)


      3 Kg


      # Low output impedance enables the amplifier to be compatible with most headphones
      # Clean and high power amplification helps to achieve optimal sound quality from headphones
      # High quality components combined with top build quality keeps noise at negligible levels
      # Optional balanced input for professional application
      # Improves ability to listen to music via headphone for extended period of time
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