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Swara – Integrated Amplifier
  • Swara – Integrated Amplifier

    Swara Integrated Amplifier is a very high quality amplifier and our customers rate the product as one of the very best amplifiers below 1 Lakh in India. The relatively low price of this amplifier can be a bit misleading, but it is because of its performance that it is one of our best selling product.  The amplifier is a class AB design built with some of the finest quality of electronic components to provide exceptional sonic performance.


    The Swara Integrated Amplifier has been one of our best selling products for many years now. The amplifier’s sonic signature is neutral with a very fluid presentation that makes it a real pleasure to listen to music for long hours. The amplifier is capable of driving even the most difficult speakers and reproduce high level of detail, dynamics and a great stereo imaging. The upgraded design has a slightly higher power and also gets a more modern chassis. The amplifier consists of a separate pre and power amplifier section. The preamp section is a solid state design and the power amplifier section is a class AB design supported by an over rated power supply. A lot of focus on build quality ensures that distortions levels are very low and at the same time the amplifier is very reliable.


      Weight 7 kg
      Dimensions 33.5 × 34 × 9.5 cm

      109 db




      80 Watts/Channel @ 8Ω


      3 x SE Inputs


      17.3" (W) x 17.5" (D) x 5.5" (H)


      9 Kgs


      # Separate preamplifier section with its own linear power supply for optimal sonics
      # High current power amplifier section capable of driving the most difficult of speakers
      # Microprocessor controlled Motorized Alps Potentiometer (remote control)
      # Rugged build quality will ensure the amplifier will work without any problem for many years
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