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Swara – m2rPi Digital to Analogue Converter
  • Swara – m2rPi Digital to Analogue Converter

    Swara M2rPi is a one box music player with a built-in hi-fidelity DAC that offers the high-end performance required for audiophiles and music aficionados. M2rPi eliminates the need for a separate computer/transport and music can be played directly from USB/Network drives or from any internet stream. You can also remotely control the music player from most smartphones/ tablets (iOS and Android).


    M2rPI is based on Raspberry Pi, wich was selected based on availability, cost, flexibility and convenience factors. True of our design philosophy, we have used only the best quality components that money can buy and invested heavily in good quality power supply for both Raspberry Pi and the DAC. The result is an extremely high quality sound that is worthy of being your primary hi-fidelity digital source.


      Weight 2.5 kg
      Dimensions 20 × 20.5 × 7.5 cm
      Dynamic Range

      112 dB

      Sample Freq

      upto 32 bit / 384kHz


      Texas Instrument PCM5102A


      >110 dB

      USB Drive

      Use external powered drives above 32 GB


      7.75" (W) x 7.1" (D) x 2.6" (H)


      1.8 Kg


      # One Box Solution – The M2rPi DAC will play music directly from a USB or Network storage. 
      # Remote Control M2rPi from smartphones or tablets – browse audio files & control volume
      # Support for wide range of audio file formats – MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc., (upto 32bit/384kHz)
      # Separate power supplies for pre and power amplification stages with high quality components
      # Linear power supply for Raspberry Pi – Improves sound quality by avoiding noisy switching circuits
      # Multiple voltage regulators and very generous quantities of high grade capacitors from Panasonic / Wima
      # Enclosure fabricated with CNC Machine to high standards
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