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Audio Note India / Takumi Level 2.1
  • Audio Note India / Takumi Level 2.1



    For years I know famed Dutch audiophile, distributor, designer and vinyl head Rik Stoet.


    Taking into account many years of experience in both the high-end and budget world, and taking also into account feedback of thousands of interactions with customers, Rik desired to merge all his experience and knowledge into the (Dutch) design of a truly remarkable entry level turntable. 


    After three years of development, would it be possible that he could have achieved analogue music reproduction compatible with the high-standard of Audio Note equipment? On a budget?


    After extensive evaluation, the answer must be a resounding 'yes'! Equipped with an Audio Note IQ1 Cartridge, this record player gives a solid glimpse of the high-end, at a price-point well in reach for those who want to escape from mediocracy.


    Moreover, this turntable offers and includes all that you might expect from a real turntable:


    • Cardanic suspension 9 inch tonearm;
    • Thin wall titanium armtube;
    • Close tolerance ceramic main bearing;
    • Aluminium subplatter;
    • Acrylic 30cm platter;
    • Vibration-damped feet, height adjustable;
    • Integrated bubble level;
    • Clear hinged dustcover;
    • Fixed Interconnect cable;
    • POM record-clamp.




    In India, the Takumi is supplied with an Audio Note IQ1 Cartridge, which can be easily upgraded to the IQ2 and IQ3.


    As a refinement of the established Moving Magnet principle, the IQ1 offers an excellent combination of exceptional tracking ability, dynamic range and longevity, thanks to the extremely high quality components used for its construction. 


    It employs a highly rigid Pocan™ body shell, equipped with integral threaded inserts for easy installation in the tonearm head-shell. This mounting system greatly improves mechanical coupling between the cartridge body and head-shell in comparison to the traditional nut & bolt fixing. 


    The coils in all of the IQ cartridges are made from high purity, 'four nines' copper wire that is of an incredibly small diameter to achieve a sensitivity unseen in other MM cartridges.

    • Details

      Base: PMMA Acrylic, flame and brush polished.


      Platter: 300mm CNC machined semi-transparant acrylic.


      Bearing: Ceramic shaft Bronze housing


      Motor: 12VAC synchrone motor


      Speed:  belt/pulley 33 en 45rpm.


      Arm: Takumi 9 inch fixed headshell, cardanic suspension, thin wall armtube.


      Cartridge: Audio Note IQ1, MM (upgrades available).


      Included options: hinged acrylic cover, bubble level, recordclamp and fixed interlink with special ground configuration.


      Dimensions with cover closed: 430x320x150.


      Dimensions with cover open: extra depth 85mm, total height 390mm.

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