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Thiyaga Hybrid Integrated Amplifier
  • Thiyaga Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

    Thiyaga Hybrid Integrated Amplifier consists of a seperate pre and power amplifier section. The preamp section is designed around the 6n2p vaccum tubes to deliver very low levels of harmonic distortion, but at the same time deliver the tube sound in a very subtle manner. The power amplifier section is based on an array of modern transistors and designed to be used with all forms of commercial loudspeakers.


    Modern audio sources support hi-definition audio with great levels of dynamics and details, which required an amplifier capable of delivering the new standard for audio reproduction. This required an amplifier to have very tight grip on the speakers in order to deliver good levels of micro and macro dynamics and transient response, while ensuring lowest levels of distortions. The circuit is implemented with discrete sections for each stereo channel to minimize stereo cross talk and only the highest quality of components are used to ensure optimal audio quality. Hook up the amplifier to a high quality speakers for a sound signature that is natural, fluid and smooth with a large sound stage.


      Weight 18 kg
      Dimensions 44 × 44.5 × 14 cm

      101 dB


      0.02% @ 1kHz


      180W @ 8 Ohms


      5 x Single Ended Input, Selection via remote


      17.3" (W) x 17.5" (D) x 5.5" (H)


      18 Kgs


      # Separate Preamp section based on 6n2P vaccum tubes
      # High current power amplifier section capable of driving the most difficult of speakers
      # Separate power supplies for pre and power amplification stages with high quality components
      # Microprocessor controlled Motorized Alps Potentiometer (remote control)
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