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TT-Two Deluxe
  • TT-Two Deluxe



    The TT Two Deluxe turntable is a three point fully floating suspended sub chassis model derived from the award winning Systemdeck IIX. The platter is a acrylic platform and drive to the platter is provided by a round rubber belt.


    The Audio Note TT Two Deluxe platter and sub-platter are individually machined from a single block of acrylic. The platter has a label-sized recess on its top to accommodate the record’s label and a wider recess on the bottom, providing clearance for the pulley system. 


    One of the reasons that acrylic is used is that it has some similar properties to vinyl itself so that when a record is placed on top of it, it acts like a mechanical extension of the record. Therefore, with this kind of platter, no mat should be used.


    The TT Two Deluxe is built to give an even more generous measure of musical enjoyment, as it is equipped with two opposed AC motors deliver twice the torque to the low-mass acrylic platter and also have the benefit of further stabilising the suspension.


    The robust and long-life bearing features a sintered and polished shaft in a brass tube with a hardened thrust plate and a precision ground steel ball.


    Compared with the TT Two, the ‘Deluxe’ version is build of nicely veneered plywood instead of the chipboard used in the standard versions.

    • FACTS


      2 x 24 Pole precision high torque motor mounted on an anti-vibration assembly


      33 & 45rpm, Manual change

      Drive System

      Precision moulded round section rubber belt


      470mm (w) x 360mm (d) x 170mm (h)

      Color Options

      Black, Cherry, Rosewood, Light ash, High Gloss, Custom

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