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Owning an Audio Note Music System...
...can be life changing. Arrive home to sit down to relax in front of
your music system with a nice glass of whisky.  
Just close your eyes and get ready to enter another world.
A world of sound and fantasy no home-theatre or lifestyle-system can provide.



Our Offer to the True Music Lover
A future proof investment
Audio Note uses time-tested technology, materials, and parts, which are handcrafted for only one purpose; Musical Ecstasy.
Our systems are sought-after and retain their value, even after many years. 
Their designs are purposefully, timeless, and without frills.
All our products come with our unique
Which offers guaranteed satisfaction after delivery, and a guaranteed trade-in
or sell back value for a period of two years amongst many other promises 
to guarantee your satisfaction.
Endless Upgrades
We offer complete audio systems from 4 Lakh to ₹10 Crore and more.
Our components will transform any audio system. 
We can offer a world-class CD-player for 1,5 Lakh...
...and a 'out of this world-class' CD-player for 1,5 Crore.
And everything in between to match your ambition and possibilities.
At any moment you can upgrade with higher level components.
Each upgrade will provide audible improvements, so rich that you'll keep
rediscovering your music collection. 
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