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Audio Note Amplifiers

Level Zero to Level Three Power Amplifiers

The Audio Note line of power amplifiers is without any doubt the most comprehensive available from a single manufacturer, we cover practically every available power valve available from the small EL84, to the mighty 211 triode, with prices ranging from the fairly modest to the positively immodest, and if combined with a suitable pre-amplifier with provide the highest attainable sound within its price class.

The Conqueror, Quest and the Conquest models are now available with a single stage input using a 6J5, this is to accommodate the need for ultra quiet replay, the standard Quest-Conqueror circuit has very high input sensitivity making it extremely difficult to make the system quiet if very efficient speakers (100dB plus) are used.

It is important to understand that sonically it is desirable to have as much gain available in the circuit as possible, as the wider the dynamic gain window is the better the amplifier/system handles wide dynamic signal levels (contrary to popular belief, dynamics have NOTHING to do with power, it is a function of how much each stage in a circuit’s gain window limits the dynamic peaks), having very high gain and therefore sensitivity in a power amplifier creates problems with background noise levels, in systems where speakers have very high efficiency it is necessary to limit the amount of gain in the amplification, to allow usable attenuation in the volume and to reduce the level of residual circuit noise coming though the speakers.

All Audio Note power amplifiers, except the ANKORU/II, have heavily silver plated RCA input and AN-STR speaker terminals with 4 & 8Ohm output impedance. 

Despite the low power output of all out power amplifiers, their ability to drive speakers with even quite low efficiency, there is naturally a limit to how loud it is possible to play, however, even 86dB efficient loudspeakers can be used in smaller rooms.

Level Four & Level Five Power Amplifiers

Building on the same two basic circuit topologies and extending the quality of the componentry used in the Audio Note Level Three amplifiers Quest/Conquest and ANKORU/II the Level Four and Five elevate the materials and component quality to levels not often, if at all, seen in commercial amplification regardless of price or reputation, as we move up through the Audio Note product range the use of exotic and highly expensive parts and materials proliferate, Audio Note thick film tantalum resistors, Cerafine, Silmic and Black Gate electrolytic capacitors, silver wire and UHiB and nickel C-cores are not seen in other products, below is a short form breakdown of the components and materials used in each amplifier.

NOS means New Old Stock and refer to valves no longer in production. Some are over 50 years old and very hard to source, not to mention expensive, Audio Note hold very substantial stocks of all the new old stock valves used in the Level Five amplification, and we expect to be able to offer replacements for the foreseeable future. It is, however, recommended that customers invest in a spare set of valves soon after purchase.

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