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31st August - 2nd September 11 AM - 7 PM 
The Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru

For the first time Audio Note India will be at the What Hifi Show.

During the show we will demonstrate our starter-system, your ultimate entry into the thermionic arts, consisting of the system outlined below. Next to this, we will have several of our products on display to show our craftsmanship.

Also we will introduce the ultimate turntable setup solution/software from AnalogMagik

In order to provide for the best possible presentation (within the constraints of a hotel-room), presentations will be given at pre-set times only, for a limited audience only

Tickets for entry and time-table will be available at the show.

Your entry ticket to the thermionic arts consists of the following components:

Audio Note OTO PP Line tube amplifier

 A world renowned modern classic. Produces oozes of musicality based on a design that could hardly be improved upon for over 30 years. Comes with custom made Audio Note output transformers and capacitors to present musicality and tone as only Audio Note amplification can offer.


Audio Note CD 1.1x tube CD player

A unique NOS (non-oversampling) CD Player using the 6111WA double triode tube in its output stage to produce tone that usually goes missing in CD playback: the sort of presence—the sonic flesh and blood—that one seldom gets from the medium. 

AN-J D Loudspeaker, including dedicated stands

The pedestrian looks of the AN-J D speakers are well calculated. The front baffle dimensions and depth of the cabinet are an integral part of the wave launch support and controlled defraction characteristics pioneered by famed Peter Snell in the 1970's.

The drivers are made of paper and silk to produce natural and harmonic tone. The speakers have heavily silver-plated input terminals, suitable for bi-wiring, and comes with heavy stands

specifically designed for this speaker.


0.75m Lexus 50 Interconnect Cable

Copper version of our famous SOGON cable. This is a symmetrical 6N, 50 strands copper litz co-axial cable. Each conductor comprises litz wire of several gauges to effectively reduce skin-effect, time smearing and harmonic coloration's. Terminated with silver-plated Audio Note GP plugs.  

2M Lexus LX 96 Speaker Cable

Copper version of our famous SOGON LX cable. This is as high purity 6N copper litz speaker cable containing 4 sleeved conductors of different gauges to effectively reduce skin-effect, time smearing and harmonic coloration's. Terminated with heavily silver-plated Audio Note Banana plugs. 


Difficult and expensive to make litz wire is composed of very fine strands of high purity copper wire insulated from each other with a fine polyurethane coating. 

1M ISIS Mains Cable

This Audio Note mains cable (to be used for the amplifier) completes the chain to unleash this system’s full potential. This cable makes the sound to extend farther up and down the audio spectrum; through to the world where tiny details live; and out into the physical space where the music was recorded. Everything feels more ‘live’ and present. Instruments sounds like better versions of themselves, human voices are more emotionally affecting. Both inflections and innuendos are more noticeable.



This offer will end at the last day of the What Hifi show. After the show pricing  of this 'starter offer' will increase due to updated pricing by Audio Note UK, effective from September 1st onwards.


*certain conditions apply.


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