It is no secret that Audio Note is highly sceptical about the performance of modern sources like Internet Music Streaming and Network Audio. We view the developments as another step in the Decline of the Decades.


Yet we cannot deny the incredible advantage of having access to tens of thousands of music albums in with the utmost convenience. If it is not to enjoy the most critical listening experience, still only available from CD done right, or even better LP, then Internet Music Streaming Services are a great tool for music discovery.


Nevertheless, Audio Note India has spend considerable effort to craft a streaming setup that can match the performance of our (lower level) CD Transports. Contrary to what the marketing blurb wants you to believe, CD Quality music reproduction via streaming services is not at all readily available or easy to achieve. If you think that hooking up a laptop or cheap streamer to Wifi and a Tidal subscription is going to bring you CD quality performance, you are mistaken.


Yet, our all new Starter System claims to bring true -beyond audiophile- performance, using the Internet as its music source. Of course the quality of the included Audio Note components define the basic performance of the system, but the secret sauce lies in the digital music streaming done right.

Our solution can now be brought to your home for your own (non Audio Note) equipment. You can buy individual components on-line here, but we strongly advise to buy the complete package which includes personal installation of our solution, inclusive programming and setup of the WAN/LAN network, software and components at a discounted fixed rate everywhere in India.