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Some general notes

  • All Audio Note interconnects are designed for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss over the audio band, we regard these the most important factors.

  • All Audio Note interconnects are equally at home in both the analogue and the digital domain, and excellent results can be expected in both areas.

  • All Audio Note interconnects are highly flexible (except the SOGON) and suitable for long runs.

  • All Audio Note loudspeaker cables are highly flexible and suitable for long runs due to their extremely low loss.

  • All Audio Note loudspeaker cables have + (plus) and – (minus) printed on the jacket.

Termination (fitting your cable with the correct plugs).

  • Termination of all interconnects can be done either with RCA plugs, of which we offer either the standard AN-GP-AG plugs, or the high-end AN-P Plugs (see below). 

  • Terminations with XLR, LEMO, Fischer, BNC or any other plug are available to special order, please specify.

  • Any configuration or length of single, mono, stereo wired, bi-wired or tri-wired cables are available, but must be clearly specified when ordering.

  • Due to the special configuration of the Audio Note ISIS LX cable, for this cable we can offer the possibility of bi-wiring in a single cable.

  • Prices for termination varies on the fitted plugs, the configuration and the type of cable selected.

  • Termination of cables is always listed as a separate item on your offer and invoice, depending on your choice/advise of your dealer. 


For termination of interconnect cables with RCA plugs we offer two alternatives:

AN-GP-AG AUDIO NOTE heavily silver plated RCA plug, PTFE insulation, non-magnetic

AN-P AUDIO NOTE heavily silver plated RCA plug, teflon insulated, one-piece construction, non-magnetic

Configuration options

All our loudspeakers offer the option of bi-wiring, which offers distinct advantages over single wiring. Although for bi-wiring the required cables length is doubled, its worth considering.

In this article you can find a technical summery as to why bi-wiring is preferred.

To further understand the options, please consider the diagrams as shown below. As you can see, there are numerous options, and its best to ask your dealer to advise an optimum solution.

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