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Factory Tour

The ingenuity, craftsmanship, investment, perseverance and long term view needed to build world's finest audio equipment is akin to that of producing the finest cars, watches or wines. Its not without reason that Audio Note was featured in Rolls Royce’s Book - 'A Legacy Of Luxury’, as one of few companies who strive for perfection, regardless of cost or difficulty.  

We straddle the border between science and art. You don't know where one finishes, and the other begins.

Please feel free to join a tour of our factory.

Complete Tour
Part 1 - Introduction and Main Production
Part 2 - Meet Lead Designer, Andy Grove
Part 3 - R&D, TT 3 Turntable Development
Part 4 - Silver Transformers and Resistors
Part 5 - The Fort Knox of Audio
Part 6 - Audio Cable Termination
Part 7 - Assembly and Work in Progress...
Part 8 - On Proper Engineering
Part 9 - Buying Experience (Copenhagen)
Part 10 - Listening Experience
Music Maestro!
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