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DAC 5 Fifth Element/Force
  • DAC 5 Fifth Element/Force

    This 2-box, (Fifth Element DAC and its Fifth Force power supply) digital front end is somewhat difficult to describe and put into context except to say that it is so clearly better in so many. many ways than what has been previously available – it is hard to imagine even those audiophiles with preferences out there on the very fringe not easily, EASILY preferring this player over other players and most turntables.


    It is expensive. OK. Got that out of the way. 


    It is also unquestionably significantly better than other playback, and by so a large a margin, that it is easy for one to fall into this “Why would I ever want to play anything else?” attitude and just stop thinking about what it is doing. You stop thinking in terms of “Oh, I wish we had an LP version of this CD” and start focusing on the music [and finding out where it has hidden itself in your collection).


    This playback is better in all the areas, if we are going to slice and dice it, that audiophiles might feel are important: if you are a detail head, this playback has so much more resolution that it restores your faith in science [more on this later]. If you are a harmonics-head, … oh boy. If you are a sound-stage head, or imaging-head, or dynamics head [later, later]… everybody who focuses on their must-have attributes – they will be ecstatic because they are all there to the max, glorious in all their splendiferousness.

    • FACTS


      RCA 75Ohms SPDif


      600 Ohms, Balanced or Single Ended


      3.2V RMS


      Less than 0.2dB


      On Request

      5 x 20mm Time Delay type (per chassis)

      2 x 1.6A (110 / 120V supply) 2 x 800mA (220 / 240V supply)

      UNIT WEIGHT (per chassis)

      20 KG

      SHIPPING WEIGHT (Original packaging, per chassis)

      27 KG

      UNIT DIMENSIONS (per chassis)

      160mm (h) x 445mm (w) x 428mm (d)

      SHIPPING DIMENSIONS (Original packaging, per chassis)

      260mm (h) x 550mm (w) x 530mm (d)


      18Bit Ananloue Devices AD1865N 44.1 / 48 / 96KHz input capability.

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