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Purple Pallas II (Digital)

Purple Pallas II (Digital)

Pallas Low Capacitance Interconnects


Being of litz construction, our interconnects have a higher capacitance than some. This is not an issue in most circumstances, however, between the high impedance secondary of our moving coil transformers (100k Ohm) and the pre-amplifier input, the cable needs to have high transfer ability but with low capacitance. The same is true between CD-Transport and DA-Converter.


So over the past few years we have worked on a low capacitance addition to our cable range. Dubbed 'Pallas II' which replace the original Pallas cables, and now uses a proprietary geometry to provide ultra low capacitance with even better sonic performance.


The White and Brown Pallas II cable are made fo copper, while the Purble and Black Pallas cables are made of silver wire.


All Pallas cables are now availble with either AN-P or XLR plugs.


As it is incredibly time consuming to manufacture and completely hand constructed, availability is somewhat limited! 

  • General Notes

    • All Audio Note interconnects are designed for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss over the audio band, we regard these the most important factors.

    • All Audio Note interconnects are equally at home in both the analogue and the digital domain, and excellent results can be expected in both areas.

    • Termination of all interconnects can be done either with RCA plugs, of which we offer either the standard AN-GP-AG plugs, or the high-end AN-P Plugs (see below).

    • Terminations with XLR, LEMO, Fischer, BNC or any other plug are available to special order, please specify.

    • Termination of cables is always listed as a separate item on your offer and invoice, depending on your choice/advise of your dealer. 

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