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Swara – Tube Buffer
  • Swara – Tube Buffer

    Swara Tube Buffer is a unity gain buffer that can be used between any line level interfaces. While the benefit of the tube buffer might vary depending on the combination of equipment, the sonics will definitely improve in terms of overall tonal balance by leveraging the inherent strength of the tube based audio circuit.


    Swara Tube Buffer offers a unique way to improve an already existing investment in audio equipment. The buffer can be used between a source like CD player or DAC and the amplifier stages – or alternatively between the pre and power amplifier. The design leverages the tubes in a very subtle manner. The result will be a sonic improvement that makes listening to music more enjoyable and minimize any listening fatigue that might be present in a pre-existing system.


      Weight 4 kg
      Dimensions 33.5 × 34.5 × 11 cm

      101 dB


      0.01% @ 1kHz


      13.2" (W) x 13.5" (D) x 4.33" (H)


      4 Kgs


      2 x 6N1P


      Single Ended Input x 1 Stereo Pair
      Single Ended Output x 1 Stereo Pair


      # Ability to improve tonality using Tubes in a solid state circuit
      # High quality metal film resistors and Polypropylene Film Capacitors used throughout 
      # High grade power supply with toroidal transformer
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